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Journalism as a Community Builder

Do you know your neighbors anymore? Do you know the history and traditions of your city or town? Do you follow the news of your city and town? Do you know the names of your mayor or city councilors? Do you attend Board of Selectmen meetings? Are you up-to-date on happenings at the high school […]

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CNET & the Myth of Impartial Journalism

No one loves journalism as much as journalists. Unfortunately this love affair with their own profession – and the imagined pedestal they place it upon – makes them blind to the faults that everyone else takes for granted. Case in point: The tempest in a teapot over at CNET that has journalists – but few […]

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The Death of the Deadline

One of the enormous changes in journalism during the “internet age” has been the loss of the deadline. The impact of this demise has been significant, but rarely discussed.  Yet it may be one of the biggest in changes in the way journalists research, write and publish news stories. When I started as a  journalist […]

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The Demise of Traditional Filters

  In many ways, traditional filters made it so much easier to find and consume content.  Traditional filters also came with the benefit of having a stamp of approval.  We knew the content had been, well, filtered. Take newspapers. Newspapers filter news and information for us.  Editors and journalists cover news they believed is important […]

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When a Book is No Longer a Book

The book of the future may look something like this: Digital format available on: mobile device, tablet or computer screen Non-linear presentation of content Videos embedded into the text – some documentary length Interactive graphics that allow users to manipulate the data Photographs that can be adjusted in size and cropped in real-time Hyperlinks to […]

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Will “Realtime” Doom Us All?

Blame Malcolm Gladwell and his book “Blink” (with that awful subtitle: “The Power of Thinking Without Thinking”).  Gladwell’s book is a bit more complicated than it appears, but it popularized the idea that snap judgments were of better value than thoughtful contemplation. Gladwell argues that making a quick decision within the first two seconds is […]

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HighTalking: Scott Kirsner Discusses Art & the Social Web

Journalist Scott Kirsner has been writing about technology and its effects on business, entertainment and every day life since the high times leading up to the dot-com boon in the 1990s.  He writes a weekly column for the Boston Globe called “Innovation Economy” and edits the blog CinemaTech.  He also contributes to Fast Company and […]

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The 3 Biggest User Mistakes on Twitter

Twitter has exploded in popularity in the last several months with millions of new users. It resembles California after January 24, 1848 after James W. Marshall discovered gold at Sutter’s Mill. For the next several years (especially in 1849), more than 300,000 people poured into California. That’s Twitter right now and the Twitter version of […]

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3 Myths About Using Social Media

There is still a lot of disconnect among businesses and organizations about how to properly use social media platforms to create a community or an audience online. Here are three stubborn myths that refuse to go away as more companies and organizations head to the web. Myth #1: Community is out there waiting for you […]

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HighTalking: Jennifer Leggio Asks If PR Agencies Get Social Media

Do companies using PR agencies trust them to understand social media? That question is at the heart of a survey of more than 640 PR professionals conducted by Jennifer Leggio, a ZDNet columnist and social media expert. Jennifer published the results of the survey yesterday on ZDNet. The findings were bad for PR agencies. While […]

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