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Why a “Like” Doesn’t Matter Except When It Does

Too many brands troll for likes. And that’s because the people who manage the Facebook pages – be they internal or external – are often measured by the number of “likes” the content generates. And that’s why brands often post compelling content like this (actual posts – names withheld to protect the guilty): Remember having […]

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Community Management Isn’t Content Creation

Here’s the job of a community manager: Managing social media assets Monitoring conversations/posts/tweets Engaging with the community Providing a voice/face/contact for the community Providing expertise and counsel about utilizing social/digital channels Here’s what the job of a community manager shouldn’t be: Primary content creator Yet many brands have their community managers providing most – if […]

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Why Brands Should Resist Participating in National Tragedies

Every weekday a popular retailer sends out an 11 a.m. daily deal email to subscribers.  Yesterday there was no daily deal. Just a branded message to its subscribers, which said: “For the lives lost at Sandy Hook.  We grieve.  We remember.  We honor.” Then the brand listed all of the first names of the children killed […]

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Is Facebook Dead as a Marketing Channel?

Of course not.  Let’s not get crazy here. But believe it or not there seems to be a mounting number of alarmist obituaries about Facebook’s effectiveness as a marketing platform.  If there were any truth to this speculation then we might as well ring the death knell for the Internet as a marketing platform was […]

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Here Comes Brandtainment

One of the reasons why social media exploded was the concept of brands having direct communications with their customers. Especially around news. In the old days, brands wrote press releases, posted them on distribution wires, and then pitched the media in hopes they would write news articles. Social media flipped that model on its head. […]

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Pawngo Stunt is an Example of “Vile” Marketing

Today most of New England is still bruised from the Patriots loss in the Super Bowl on Sunday.  For the last 48-hours the city that has been spoiled by championships in football, baseball, basketball and hockey in the last decade was numb at the sudden and heart-breaking loss by the Patriots. You can feel it […]

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The Joy of Social Media

It’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of the industry.  Communications and marketing pundits have a tendency to dive into the trivial aspects of social media – how we should define influence, how a new feature on Facebook works, a rant about a brand making a social media snafu, etc. No doubt some […]

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Early Adopter Disease

I’ve been accused of being an early adopter of technology and social media platforms. But I’m really not. Here are the stages of technology adoption and the percentage of the population in each stage, according to Everett Rogers Technology Adoption Lifecycle mode: Innovators – 2.5 percent Early Adopters – 13.5 percent Early Majority – 34 […]

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One in Three Internet Users is on Facebook

Facebook has become so big and powerful that communicators and marketers should consider it as another category outside of the web.  In other words, brands need an online strategy – and a Facebook strategy. Here’s why. The population of the world is projected to be about 6.9 billion people at the end of 2011.  Just […]

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Sharing Is the New Web Browsing

Sharing links to content, particularly on Facebook, is now an enormous engine for driving web traffic and has transformed content delivery. A new study released this week from ShareThis, Starcom MediaVest Group and Rubinson Partners found that 10 percent of all Internet traffic is a result of sharing and that sharing accounts for 31 percent […]

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