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The Online Plague of Profanity is Everywhere

There’s too much profanity online. This observation comes from a person who is known to swear in person more often than he should. However, one thing I don’t do, is use profanity online or on my social channels. In my opinion profanity is a cop-out. It’s lazy when you can’t think of a more expressive […]

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Will You Pay for Online Content?

In real life we pay. For movies. For books. For newspapers. For music. But something happens to us when we get online.  Our wallets tighten. Paywalls aggravate us.  Shelling out money for apps and music is an annoyance.  I have some friends who are outraged by apps that cost more than $0.99 when they have […]

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I Wish You Weren’t Here: Social Media & Vacations

At the beach the other day, two young women sat at the edge of the surf, smiled broadly, and took selfies of themselves to post on Facebook. I watched the whole thing develop. I know a few things their friends on Facebook probably don’t. It had just rained The water was freezing (they only sat […]

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This Blog Post is Only Worth $49

Sometimes you wonder if the Internet has ruined everything. Case in point: Writing. Writing as most of us know has a long and distinguished history. We celebrate great novelists, short story writers, playwrights, poets and journalists. Shakespeare is an icon. Hemingway a legend. We sing the praises of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. But we […]

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The Never Ending Battle Against Spam

My personal email address is a mess. A big, stinky pile of spam – most of which I never opted in for – crowding out the messages from friends and family that I really do want to read.  So I recently spent almost an hour unsubscribing from marketing emails from dozens of brands and organizations […]

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10 Signs That You Need to Unplug

1. You use the word retweet instead of repeat in casual conversation. 2. You actually say to someone: “I just read something about that on Facebook.” 3. The distant sound of a mobile phone ring makes you check your own phone for an incoming call (extra points if you do this after hearing a mobile […]

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4 Myths of Social Media Authenticity

One of the great big whopping lies about social media is authenticity. Because – let’s face it – there isn’t much that’s authentic about social media. There’s lots of spin, cherry-picking, and bright-side propaganda from both individuals and brands going on. Few people and brands are truly genuine about their attitudes, personalities and opinions on […]

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What Technology in the Classroom Should Mean

Public schools are adding tablets and laptop computers into their educational programs in record numbers.  One of the main reasons educators cite for this proliferation of technology is a variation of this thinking: “The jobs of the future will be using technology and computers and students need to learn them to be prepared for the […]

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Should We Block Big Brother Tactics by Companies?

Gmail reads my emails. … so they can serve me targeted ads. Amazon analyzes my book buying habits. …to serve me up ads via recommendations. Facebook studies my posting habits and likes. …to sell my profile to advertisers so they can target me with ads. Google collects and analyzes my search habits. …to serve me […]

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And We Thought the Swiss Army Knife Was Impressive

Here’s are just some of the tasks my iPhone does for me: Telephone Email Flashlight Notebook Magnifying glass Newspaper Magazine Book Camera Video camera Video player Calendar GPS Clock Stopwatch Search engine Music player TV Dictionary Encyclopedia Calorie counter Personal fitness coach Calculator Compass Tape recorder Video game player Game board Coupon clipper What else […]

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