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Blogging with Google Glass

  Wearable – and sooner than we think “embeddable” – technology is upon us in a big way. Google Glass has changed everything. A lot of people snicker at the geeks wearing their Google Glass and gazing upwards with that weird expression of glazed confusion, but the impact is coming. Why is this different from […]

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This Blog Post is Only Worth $49

Sometimes you wonder if the Internet has ruined everything. Case in point: Writing. Writing as most of us know has a long and distinguished history. We celebrate great novelists, short story writers, playwrights, poets and journalists. Shakespeare is an icon. Hemingway a legend. We sing the praises of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. But we […]

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Life of a Blog: Happy Birthday, HighTalk

HighTalk turns four years old this month. Hooray? I’ve been a blogger for six years with HighTalk my primary blog.  Why do I do it? I’m not really sure.  I started because, as a former journalist, I missed writing.  But blogging isn’t the same kind of writing as journalism.  Or fiction writing. Or poetry.  Or […]

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The Great Relief That Comes When You Quit Blogging

…and the guilt. ..and the feeling of failure. But above all the wonderful sensation of FREEDOM.  Of getting your life back.  Blogging can feel like a great hunger that constantly needs to be nourished.  There’s a sense of panic when you haven’t posted in a long time.  But when you stop?   Ahhhh… And then, […]

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Going “Live” Increases Engagement & Reaches More People

There’s energy in going “live.”  Fierce energy. Ask anyone who has been to a live sporting event or a concert.  There’s an electricity that comes from knowing you’re watching events unfold in real-time.  This works not only for attending live events, but also watching them.  The live energy can be felt while watching the Oscars […]

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23 Signs That You’ve Become a Blogger

Here is what happens to you when you become a blogger: You age prematurely Deep-seeded anxiety grows every day you don’t post something new Everything becomes a metaphor for blogging Your breath gets bad – and then the headaches start You learn to repeat yourself in creative ways WordPress and SEO become obsessions You steal […]

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In Search of Blog Content

A blog is like a gigantic hole. Sometimes the gigantic hole seems to be on par with the size of the Grand Canyon.  Other times the gigantic hole seems more manageable like, for example, the size of an open grave. Just kidding… Blogging is hard work.  It is endless.  Deadlines loom all the time – […]

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Blogs Are the Zombies of Social Media

Dead Again. That should be the standing headline for blogging.  Because it’s been dead so many times, I’ve lost count.  Thankfully, bloggers are like zombies – dead, but somehow still walking around (or in this case still posting). While it is true that blogging has lost ground – and continues to lose ground – to […]

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Bad Blogging: A Guide

Every blogger – at some point – is guilty of bad blogging. Blogging is fast – Internet fast.  And that means making mistakes.  It means errors in judgement.  It means writing and publishing on a whim.  It means writing without an editor (or a proofreader). In means writing without a net. And that’s dangerous. Not […]

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Does Commenting Add Any Value?

Do you read comments? For me the answer is: It depends. I often read the comments on my favorite blogs. The comments on blogs generally add value.  Often there are debates breaking out around the issues the blogger has explored in his/her post.  I like reading how people are reacting to the content and the […]

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