Arthritis Care – Research, Treatment & Tips

It is essentially suggested to go to a doctor if you are feeling pain, swelling around your joint. It is because such signs show that you are suffering from arthritis hence it is important to confirm on this from your doctor. The doctor rightly suggests you the right diagnosis for the treatment for the type of arthritis that you have. There are a number of things that one can follow to treat arthritis. Here, we have provided you a few of the best arthritis care tips to help you in getting rid of the arthritis problem. It is essential for you to follow a few nutritional self-care tips given here.

In dangerous condition, it is suggested to go to doctor. Your doctor initially can tell you to do a few lab tests like joint fluid tests and antinuclear antibody tests. From the results of these results, a doctor can come to know how your arthritis is progressing and suggest you the treatment option for that.

Try to change eating patters: It is one of the important tips to follow for the enhancement of your wellness. One has to lose weight to reduce the stress on your joints. For reducing arthritis pain, one should eat more fish. There are many people who do not like eating fish then they can take fish oil capsules. Sardines, chunk light tuna and herring are the best choices. It is essentially suggested to include fish oils in your diet to reduce stiffness. It is also suggested to avoid foods, which create both stiffness and pain. You should strictly avoid eating daily products, wheat, corn and beef. Hence, one should mainly focus on eliminating foods, which mainly create signs of arthritis.

Take Pantothenic acid: It is B-Vitamin suggested to take for reducing arthritis signs. One can take vitamin B through different foods. There are many foods that are mainly rich in vitamin B such as dark buckwheat, brewer’s yeast, wheat brain, mushrooms, oysters, broccoli, sesame seeds, soy flour and peanuts.

Do not take Aspartame: Aspartame is mainly seen in canned foods as well as drinks. This artificial sweetener really makes one’s arthritis worse hence one should strictly avoid taking aspartame.

Get vitamin B6: The lack of vitamin B6 in one’s system can cause arthritis hence one should try to take enough dose of vitamin B6 through different foods. There are many foods that provide a person enough vitamin B6 such as soybeans, white beans, bananas, salmon, liver, toasted wheat germ, sunflowers seeds, tuna, sweet potato, walnuts, mackerel and brown rice.

Drink more water: It is one of the most important tips to follow to reduce the signs of arthritis. Dehydration problem causes arthritic pain hence when you are suffering from arthritis pain, you should drink minimum two glasses of water. Drinking two glasses of water surely gives you relief from arthritis pain. This is the most important home remedy to follow for reducing arthritis pain.

Try to get enough copper: Lack of copper in one’s body also causes arthritis signs hence one should get enough copper. Barley, lentils, almonds, avocados, beans and dandelion are the foods provide enough copper to a person. Hence, one should try to eat these foods in high quantity.

Have living foods: It is another most important tip to follow for enhancing wellness. Vitamin A, vitamin C and E have the great ability to reduce arthritis signs hence one should eat uncooked vegan diet of roots, germinated seeds, fruits, berries, sprouts and beets. All these are a rich source of all the important vitamins needed for body. Cherries, blackberries, blueberries fruits that are bioflavonoid-rich are also good for getting relief from arthritis pain.

It is suggested to consult with a doctor once you observe the signs of arthritis as it can make the arthritis condition worse. One can follow the above given tips if the arthritis is not worse and it is in its initial stage.


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