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All the Fake News That’s Fit to Print

Here’s how many people now get their news and information: Google Twitter Facebook In other words, through search and social media. It works one of two ways: People go to a search engine, enter a search term, and then click on a link within the top 10 search results People scroll through their social media […]

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CNET & the Myth of Impartial Journalism

No one loves journalism as much as journalists. Unfortunately this love affair with their own profession – and the imagined pedestal they place it upon – makes them blind to the faults that everyone else takes for granted. Case in point: The tempest in a teapot over at CNET that has journalists – but few […]

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Will Blogging Explode in 2010?

This might seem like a silly question given that Technorati says there have been more than 140 million blogs created in the last 10 years.  Now most of these are now defunct, but there are still more than 1.5 million blogs that post at least once a week. So granted – blogging has already exploded. […]

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Loneliness, Social Networking & Media Distortion

It’s unfortunate to read sentences like this one: “Social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace may provide people with a false sense of connection that ultimately increases loneliness in people who feel alone.” That’s from a recent Newsweek article called “Lonely Planet: Isolation Increases in the U.S.” The premise of the story is that despite our […]

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