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The Great Relief That Comes When You Quit Blogging

…and the guilt. ..and the feeling of failure. But above all the wonderful sensation of FREEDOM.  Of getting your life back.  Blogging can feel like a great hunger that constantly needs to be nourished.  There’s a sense of panic when you haven’t posted in a long time.  But when you stop?   Ahhhh… And then, […]

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Listening is Never Enough

It is often said that if you do only one thing in social media – it should be listening. In other words, monitor the web and social media channels for conversations about your brand, your product and the issues and news that are important to your company. Coincidentally, Todd Defren, PR blogger extraordinaire, wrote a […]

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Get Ready for the “Unfriend” Explosion

You can’t follow everybody. And less really may be more. Those are two lessons many social media pundits are learning as we stumble to the end of this rocky 2009. The rest of us will probably catch-up in 2010 when we realize that enormous, cumbersome loads of followers on social networks – particularly Twitter – […]

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Facebook Ate My Brand

Should businesses use Facebook? The answer isn’t as black and white as one would think. My answer is yes, but with the caveat that no business should be where there customers aren’t.  So if your customers aren’t on Facebook then you should probably consider another channel to connect with them. However, with more than 300 […]

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How the Pitch Has Changed

In the good old days – you know – way back before that newfangled Twitter thingy and that gosh-darned Facebook contraption, pitching the media used to relatively simple process.  Or at least not complicated. That because journalists either worked for print publications, radio stations or broadcast outlets.  You pitched them stories for their medium – […]

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The Web’s Biggest Victim: Privacy

Privacy, like its close cousin modesty, is difficult to recover once lost.  That’s the thought I had after reading a recent post by Todd Defren at his terrific PR blog PRSquared.  Todd was discussing the Domino’s Pizza social media gaffe and, almost as an after thought, wrote: “I like Shel Holtz’s idea: “wouldn’t it be […]

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Content is King (and Why PR Agencies Should Embrace This)

What drives social media? Content. And that’s been a huge problem for PR agencies as they grapple with the new media landscape completely transformed by social media. PR agencies don’t produce content. They use the content developed by their clients – from new products and services to customer acquisitions – to create a pipeline of […]

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