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Deal With It: News is a Commodity, a Worthless One

The Guardian posted a recent story called “Can Twitter Make Money Off of Breaking News or is it a PR Platform?” I nearly choked on my coffee. The article notes: “Twitter’s behaviour over the last few months suggests it doesn’t think it can.” Well of course Twitter doesn’t think it can make money off of […]

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All the Fake News Fit to Print

Fake news is now a regular occurrence. A news story that’s just too good to be true rockets around the internet. Just a sampling from the last couple of months: Catholic Pope Francis declares that all religions are true North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un murdered his uncle by feeding him to a pack of […]

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Dear Mr. Bezos: Don’t Listen to the Journalists

An open letter by Washington Post columnist by Gene Weingarten called “Open Letter to Jeff Bezos” is grabbing a lot of attention on industry blogs and in social media circles in the wake of the Post‘s sale to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos. It’s worth a read simply because it is an excellent illustration of just […]

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The Amazon Post or Why Print Was Already Dead

One of my PR colleagues had this reaction to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com, buying the Washington Post. “This really is the end of an era for print media as we know it.” My reaction? Where have you been? Print media, particularly print newspapers, official kicked the bucket in 2009 – after a long […]

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The Great Media Collapse Has Been Epic

The business of journalism and news reporting isn’t much of a business anymore.  The damage – like a super hurricane battering a low-lying coastal village – has been epic. The collapse, which started in earnest in 2009, has continued unabated since.  By the end of this decade we’ll be lucky if any of the huts […]

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Shot Down in Flames: Good-bye, Boston Phoenix

It’s tempting to talk about the possibility of rebirth from the flames of disaster when discussing the sudden demise of the Boston Phoenix, the once legendary alternative newspaper in Boston. But I’ll spare you. Because the Boston Phoenix is done.  Toast.  A victim of the ongoing Great Media Collapse that started in earnest in 2009. […]

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BTW – Journalism Continues to Collapse

Remember 2009? The year that I like to call “The Great Media Collapse.” Layoffs galore.  Newspapers folding.  Magazines selling for peanuts (remember the $5 million fire sale for BusinessWeek?). 2009 ended with more than 14,000 journalists in the unemployment line and newspaper circulations plunging to the lowest levels since the 1940s. Not a good year […]

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Is Social Media More Important than Traditional Media?

What is better for a brand? A.) 25 million Facebook fans B.) An article in the New York Times Ideally, you’d like both. But if forced to pick, I’d probably go with A.  Facebook fans are a constant – a set of people who have opted into your content.  While they don’t all receive your […]

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A Vanishing Species: Fact-based Journalism

“Well, opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.” – Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in “Dead Pool”   Here is the sad story about FACT.  The unfortunate fellow has been thumped on the noggin, hog-tied, and dragged unconscious into a locked closet by OPINION, SPECULATION, and RHETORIC. The big enablers of this Gang of Three?  […]

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Paywalls, Journalism & the Boston Globe

  When I was a newspaper reporter, my peers and I referred to ourselves as “Inked-Stained Wretches.”  It was our way of celebrating the broadsheet.  The printed product that we all wrote for. From an early age, I wanted to be a newspaperman.  I was the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper; news editor and […]

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