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Content First, Website Second

No one goes to websites anymore, except when they do. Sounds nuts, I know, but let me explain. I don’t purposely visit many websites anymore, especially websites that produce their own content. You probably don’t either. The idea of going directly to a website and exploring its content is becoming an old-fashioned notion. That just […]

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The 3 Primary Ways People Discover New Content

Why waste your time buying advertising? Advertising is what most people try to avoid. They hate commercials (except at the Super Bowl). They hate pop up ads. They hate billboards. Let’s face it – they hate advertising. It’s also a terrible way to introduce people to your content. What’s better? A distribution strategy that mixes […]

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Why Your Brand Content Really Matters

Here is how more people, especially young people, consume content. 1. They search for it. On Google mostly. Google has become a daily newspaper, Farmer’s Almanac and encyclopedia all rolled into one. When they want information or news they plug-in the keywords and press enter. 2. They have it recommended to them. On Facebook and […]

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The Merits & Perils of Social Search

What is social search? It’s when you enter a search term in a search engine and it delivers not just search results, but the opinions, commentary and actions of your family, friends and co-workers. So, for example, if I decide to go to a movie and I might search on the “Capital Theater” in Arlington, […]

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Social Sharing is the New SEO

Finding things on the internet becomes less important when people stop looking. People haven’t stopped looking yet, but they’re doing it less.  Why?  Because they don’t have to search for content anymore.  It comes right to them.  Content is being discovered and pushed right to them by their social networks. Why head off to Google […]

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Battle of the Titans: Google vs. Facebook

Google is worried about Facebook.  Very worried. Why? Because people are spending less time on the Internet and more time on Facebook.  Web browsing is already old school.  Discovery and sharing are happening on social networks – not on search engines. The way people are using the internet is changing rapidly.  Search has become a […]

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Facebook's got the power.

Good-bye Internet, Hello Social Web

Once upon a time the web was wide open.  To explore it, web travelers used search engines like Yahoo and Google.  They “browsed” the web by entering topics of interest like football, knitting or English literature into search boxes. They pressed the “search” button and whatever popped up in the list of search results was […]

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Sharing Is the New Web Browsing

Sharing links to content, particularly on Facebook, is now an enormous engine for driving web traffic and has transformed content delivery. A new study released this week from ShareThis, Starcom MediaVest Group and Rubinson Partners found that 10 percent of all Internet traffic is a result of sharing and that sharing accounts for 31 percent […]

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