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Balance Continues to Undermine Journalism

Balance in journalism needs to be reassessed.  It damages the fundamental purpose of journalism, which is to provide readers with the truth, and has led to a proliferation of misinformation. The latest example is the increasing numbers of the people who believe President Obama was born in Africa.  A recent poll showed that nearly half […]

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Journalists Should Stop Interviewing Journalists

Journalists interviewing each other as part of news coverage and analysis has become an epidemic.  It is particularly egregious on TV and on the radio, but print and online publications share the blame as well. It is a terrible practice and undermines journalism.  Contrary to what many journalists believe, they are not the experts in […]

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3 (Other) Reasons Why Journalism is Broken

Pundits spend a lot of time lamenting how the Internet has undermined journalism.  There’s an argument for that.  But there’s a better argument that the web has revealed some long-time industry flaws that have slowly been eroding the public’s faith in journalism for many years. Last week, a Gallup poll showed that 57 percent of […]

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