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Google Declares Itself Grand Protector of Journalism

Likely news organizations don’t know whether to scream or to laugh. Google – one of the biggest culprits in the downfall of newspapers and magazines – preaching to them about “journalistic values.” This from a company, mind you, that spends not one single penny on journalism.  A company that aggregates the journalism from hundreds of […]

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3 Ways to Save Journalism from Extinction

Let this statistic sink in for a moment. Total number of journalists in the U.S.: 40,000 Total number of Google employees: 54,000 Google was founded in 1998.  Journalism may have died around the same time. Try this one on for size. There are 3.6 public relations professionals for every single journalist.  Nearly 4 to 1. […]

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The Great Media Collapse Has Been Epic

The business of journalism and news reporting isn’t much of a business anymore.  The damage – like a super hurricane battering a low-lying coastal village – has been epic. The collapse, which started in earnest in 2009, has continued unabated since.  By the end of this decade we’ll be lucky if any of the huts […]

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Why Tech Companies Love Patents & Hate Copyrights

Technology companies adore patents. They gobble them up like Pac-Man snacking on digital pellets. And they use the patents like clubs to bludgeon everyone and anyone who dares “to violate” them.  Patent battles are making headlines everywhere.  As a recent Boston Globe article noted: “Patents have become a costly and controversial part of the business […]

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Why You Hate Privacy

You’re lazy. Sorry, but it’s true. But you’re not alone.  We’re all lazy. We have consciously – or unconsciously – decided that convenience trumps privacy.  We opt in to social networks without reading the terms.  We let algorithms read our email.  We allow search engine companies to save and archive our searches.  We reveal all […]

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Is Google Plus a Total Flop?

It might be.  Why?  No one goes there. Oh, people pass through.  Kind of like that old, steel-plated diner off the interstate that draws truckers, wary vacation travelers and the occasional weary salesman.  The all-day breakfast is okay, but it’s not a destination for dining and you might want to be sure you’ve got a […]

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Here Comes Brandtainment

One of the reasons why social media exploded was the concept of brands having direct communications with their customers. Especially around news. In the old days, brands wrote press releases, posted them on distribution wires, and then pitched the media in hopes they would write news articles. Social media flipped that model on its head. […]

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5 Reasons Why YouTube is Addictive

  Quick, sardonic, and dipped in self-referential irony. These are the big ingredients of YouTube’s appeal to the younger generation.  The video channel owned by Google has emerged as a major challenger to cable TV for young viewers.  Younger people can spend hours surfing through video content – from TV clips and music videos to […]

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Technology is the Enemy of Creativity

Everyone loves Apple.  And Google.  There’s a warm fuzzy about Facebook, too.  When people see Amazon walking down the street they give it high fives. Everyone hates the music industry.  And newspapers.  Those cheeky, know-it-all hacks.  When people see book publishers walking down the street they roll their eyes at them.  And forget Hollywood.  Those […]

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Wall Up Your Content

  If I owned a media company like a newspaper, my first plan of action would be to put a wall around my content. A thick, brick wall, maybe topped with barbed wire. It wouldn’t keep out all of the pirates, but enough of them. Let me add that my wall would feature lots of […]

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