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The Online Plague of Profanity is Everywhere

There’s too much profanity online. This observation comes from a person who is known to swear in person more often than he should. However, one thing I don’t do, is use profanity online or on my social channels. In my opinion profanity is a cop-out. It’s lazy when you can’t think of a more expressive […]

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The Only Guarantee in Social Media? Mistakes

And, of course, “social media gurus” calling out anyone and everyone who does happen to make a mistake (because we all know that social media gurus never ever make mistakes). You haven’t worked in social media for very long if you haven’t bumbled by doing at least one of following: Tweeting something inappropriate (oh, if […]

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The Demise of Nice

Corporations more concerned with profits than employees.  Sports teams that want to win even if it means cheating.  Popular culture filled with braggadocio.  Self-centered co-workers.  Snarky comments permeating blog posts and tweets. What happened to being nice? Incivility seems to be permeating all aspects of our society, according to a new survey by Weber Shandwick.  […]

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Is Civility on the Decline in the U.S.?

Weber Shandwick today released a fascinating survey called: Civility in America.  The survey is chock-filled with valuable information.  I highly recommend clicking the link below to download the report – a quick and easy read at six pages (full disclosure: I work for Weber Shandwick). From the report (released in conjunction with Powell Tate and […]

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