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Won’t Get Fooled Again (Except the Next Time)

CBS News.  Sports Illustrated.  The New York Times.  ESPN.  The New York Post.  The Los Angeles Times. All of them – and many, many more media outlets – fooled by a terrible and cruel hoax that could have been discovered with a few phone calls or a search on Google. If this is the state […]

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CNET & the Myth of Impartial Journalism

No one loves journalism as much as journalists. Unfortunately this love affair with their own profession – and the imagined pedestal they place it upon – makes them blind to the faults that everyone else takes for granted. Case in point: The tempest in a teapot over at CNET that has journalists – but few […]

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Will Blog for Food

There has been endless debate in social networking circles about blogging for money. One of the latest posts on the topic was at Mark W. Schaefer’s blog Grow called “The Monetization of Chris Brogan.” For those who don’t know of him, Chris Brogan is a social media consultant and blogger at ChrisBrogan.com – one of […]

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