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Hey, Brands, Stop Talking About How Great You Are

Let me tell you about an energy company I know called EnergyX. They are a real company, but EnergyX isn’t their real name. You’ll see why so enough. They are a public company with about $400 million in revenue. They employee 800 employees and have technology products that can only be described as cool. It’s […]

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You Aren’t in the Press Release Business

Dear PR Professional: Can we talk please? Because it is 2013 and you should know this already. You aren’t in the business of writing press releases. You aren’t in the business of pitching the media. Seriously. Let’s ignore the fact that those two things are tactics and get to the heart of the matter. They are […]

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Fear of Storytelling & Other Tales of Brand Failure

The Internet is killing Advertising.  Or at least what we would consider traditional advertising. Fewer people believe the claims.  More people tune it out.  Or just avoid it all together (fast forward anyone?). The Internet has ushered in an era of transparency, openness and instant access to information. There’s no place to hide. So claiming […]

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Why a “Like” Doesn’t Matter Except When It Does

Too many brands troll for likes. And that’s because the people who manage the Facebook pages – be they internal or external – are often measured by the number of “likes” the content generates. And that’s why brands often post compelling content like this (actual posts – names withheld to protect the guilty): Remember having […]

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3 Content Creation Resolutions for 2013

First, let me share one overriding resolution we should all have for 2013. Have more fun. Social media isn’t international espionage, heart surgery or driving an ambulance.  As the Joker wistfully snarled at Batman in the movie The Dark Knight, “Why so serious?” Try to remember that social media is exciting.  It’s fast, interesting and […]

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3 Reasons Why Going Live Adds Sizzle & Excitement

Social media was made for live programming. The platforms – from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and YouTube – were built for real-time interactions.  Videos, photographs and status updates can be published almost the instant they are created. So why have so many brands have become addicted to social media editorial calendars that put a […]

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Here’s Your 1-2 Content Plan

Here’s your content plan: 1. Figure out what you’re going to say. 2. Then say it. I know that sounds flip, but it really isn’t. This two-step plan is actually more difficult that it seems.  But if you’re a brand – whether a global corporation or a small business – you should be creating content […]

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The Case for Brand Storytelling

Call it what you want – brand journalism, transmedia storytelling or brand storytelling – but the concept is simple (and powerful): Brands should tell their own stories in multimedia formats and share them online via interactive social networks. Here’s why. Your Customers – Online Consumers are using the internet as their preferred medium for finding […]

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