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R.I.P. Follow Friday

Is there a less satisfying recommendation than Twitter’s #followfriday a.k.a. #FF? For those unfamiliar with Follow Friday – allow me to give you a brief introduction.  Every Friday, many Twitter users make recommendations on who other people should follow by providing a list of user names followed by the hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF. So why […]

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Technology is the Enemy of Creativity

Everyone loves Apple.  And Google.  There’s a warm fuzzy about Facebook, too.  When people see Amazon walking down the street they give it high fives. Everyone hates the music industry.  And newspapers.  Those cheeky, know-it-all hacks.  When people see book publishers walking down the street they roll their eyes at them.  And forget Hollywood.  Those […]

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Wall Up Your Content

  If I owned a media company like a newspaper, my first plan of action would be to put a wall around my content. A thick, brick wall, maybe topped with barbed wire. It wouldn’t keep out all of the pirates, but enough of them. Let me add that my wall would feature lots of […]

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