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Fewer Choices, Please…

Let me set the stage: Amazon Instant Video has more than 40,000 movies and TV shows Kindle offers more than one million book titles Google Play has 1.5 million apps Spotify offers 20 million songs (including 4 million that have never been play even once) There are 157 “white” colors available from Benjamin Moore (and if […]

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All the Fake News That’s Fit to Print

Here’s how many people now get their news and information: Google Twitter Facebook In other words, through search and social media. It works one of two ways: People go to a search engine, enter a search term, and then click on a link within the top 10 search results People scroll through their social media […]

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Do You Have a Right to Pornography?

There’s a lot of porn on the Internet. Maybe you’ve noticed by “accidentally” stumbling upon it. Some of it is done tastefully, some of it is quite grotesque. Most of it leaves you feeling icky (or so I’ve heard). But the biggest problem with online pornography is that it is so accessible. Without a filter […]

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The Hideous Underbelly of Social Media

It’s the real-time aspect of social media that gets people in trouble. Big trouble. Off-hand and rude comments when spoken are generally just ignored by others. Or are quickly retracted when the immediate emotion – usually disgust, anger or disappointment – is over. It doesn’t work that way on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. That […]

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Devoured by Technology

There are consequences to over indulgence. No matter what it is. There’s real physical consequences such as: Eat too much – you become obese. Drink too much – you become an alcoholic. Over indulgence leads to addiction. Our modern age has invented a whole new range of addictions: pornography and video games to name two. […]

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Authenticity on Social Media Will Get You Killed

Why? Because people don’t really want brands, celebrities, and people to be authentic. They want them to conform to their own impressions of authenticity. But deviate from the “brand message” and you will suffer the consequences. Ridicule. Boycotts. Finger-pointing. Reputation damage. Those are the consequences of being “authentic.” Just ask Tampa Bay Devil Rays starting […]

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6 Ways to Fix Online Commenting

Popular Science has closed off commenting on its website. The reason, according to The Guardian, is trolls and spam. The sheer magnitude of it. Popular Science also cited a study that says commenting can change a readers opinion or perception of an article. Which, according to Popular Science, is bad for science. Especially when the […]

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Are We Addicting our Kids to Technology?

My daughters love my iPhone. Love it. Which is why they rarely get to play on it. I can see the desire – the infatuation with it – etched in their expressions once they get their hands on it. It is not unlike the expression of addicts when they finally score their drug of choice. […]

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How to Love Your iPhone more than People

Dear Mobile Phone User: I know you love it. I can tell by the way you carry it around all the time. The way you lovingly gaze at the screen as if it were a new-born baby – but only better. Even more telling is the way the panic contorts your facial expression when – […]

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National Tragedies Are For People, Not Brands

Here’s the definition of a no-win situation. A brand using a national tragedy to engage with fans on social networks. The opportunity to offend is very high. Yesterday, on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, several brands decided to weigh in with their thoughts about the terrorist attacks on that fateful day, including a diaper company, […]

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